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1965 On 25 of June 1965 was held constituent meeting in Bratislava. Delegates agreed to establish production team which they call “Dawn” with his part of the factory in Dunajska Streda. Production team “Dawn” in its original composition and structure was active until 21. November 1990.
1990 On 22 of November 1990 factory in Dunajska Streda separated from the production team “Dawn” and began to present itself to the market as production factory of working clothes especially protective clothes. The activity of the production team has been later disabled. Its lasted until 11 of August 2005 and than according to social development leads to his transformation into a joint stock company.
1991 In 1991 was prepared Law 92/1991 by the Federal Assembly of Czechoslovakia about the transfer of state property to other persons – civilians and at this moment started a huge privatization process.
1998 In 1998 factory in Dunajska Streda lost the character of the disabled production team due to changes in legislation, but also due to increase of work requirements.
2001 In 2001 was created sheltered employment. Sheltered employment take effect from 1.November 2001 with 35 workers and an average age 45 years.
2005 On 9 of November 2005 production team Dunatex has been transformed into Dunatex joint-stock company.
2011 On 31.May 2011 the company employed 126 people of which 104 have been working in production. At the same time in sheltered workshop have been employed 25 workers thereof 13 with reduced work ability.